Aug 31, 2014

The Fisherman's Wharf, Lavelle Road, Bangalore

I was at the newly opened “The Fisherman’s Wharf” restaurant in Lavelle Road, Bangalore with my blogger friends. As I entered, my eyes rested for a while on the Harley showroom stuffs which is bang opposite this place. This restaurant is the second one of its chain in Bangalore. It is my dream to visit the original and their first one in Goa.

The restaurant is in 2 levels. We were ushered in to the air conditioned space at level 1. The Goan ambience is recreated here, very modest setting and not overdone fro any angle. Buffet spread is good here priced at 499/- with taxes. The chef treated us to a spread of his choice which was thoughtfully and excellently presented. Drinks, both cocktails and mocktails, and starters came in, in good speed and in ample quantity.

The bloggers’ meet at restaurants are fun and interesting. Nobody is in a hurry to eat but there is a rush to click and frame it undisturbed. We try to capture it from different angles and keep passing the dish till everybody has their fill of photographing it. It would be a crime to disturb the setting before every blogger has taken the photos. After this activity the digging in with spoons and forks start. The food disappears in no time. The chef made it a point to serve second and sometimes third helpings too.


Fisherman’s Wharf is well known for its sea food dishes, but there is equally good number of veg dishes too. Each dish had authentic Goan taste and didn’t look like any hybrid preparation. The service is good and refills are quick. I have made a small album of the dishes here on my FB page and I am so glad it has crossed more than 100 likes! The credit for this is the team's talent in culinary art, their presentation of food. It is FLAWLESS! Many a time I have been left wondering how best to capture it so that it looks tempting and there is that urge to grab it off the screen.


The second floor of this restaurant has the bar and open air dining facilities. This section has a good festive look with beautiful decorative pieces. There is comfortable seating arrangements and good attention from waiters too. We had our dessert here.

Thank you ‘The Fisherman’s Wharf’ team for the good time I had there!


Aug 30, 2014

Faces of India - 176

Isn’t his shirt lovely? I liked the color and the patterns on it very much. He was kind to pose for me. It is his uniform. He wears it to his work everyday. Now can you guess what does he do for a living? What is his profession? I will give the answer in the next part of this series.

Faces of India, a series through which I intend to portray the various characters of my country whom I met during my travels. See more here


Aug 29, 2014

My Techxperience at UniverCell Sync, Bangalore

Making best use of digital products to enhance customer experience seems to be 
the latest mantra for mobile retailers!

Previously buying a mobile was time consuming grueling exercise. A few years back I remember walking from one showroom to another to get a feel of the mobiles and understand their features, all this after doing a good online study of the various products. On those occasions I had the desire to hold and experience mobiles of warring companies and make the decision of choosing one.

A recent visit to UniverCell Sync in CMH Road Bangalore, a retail outlet for mobiles changed my total outlook of purchase procedure. The in-store technology is so sophisticated that it captures the consumers' attention completely. I noticed that the store had different zones; each specific to a special feature. As I was toured through the different zones I could get the experience of physical version of online stores. By physical version I mean both audio and visual experience of the various features.

'Center tables bazaar' which display the various models. Consumers, both layman and tech geeks, today are more tech savvy and the retailers are under pressure to offer the best to have their whole attention. Customers here experience, touch, interact with technology before they own it. The store helps in personalizing the whole procedure.

What is impressive in UniverCell is the way the reps there engage with the customers. They try to fully understand the customer requirements and then make intelligent recommendations. It is like talking about symptoms of your problems and the doctor prescribing the right medicine. One factor was evident: the customers are encouraged to relax. Be it an octogenarian trying to understand the various features, may be even learning to send a sms or a kid trying to learn using the gadget to play various games; there are sales reps helping them out in the respective sections.

Their very special music zone is a must experience zone. The gadgets and supporting accessories are mind blowing. You may have targeted just the mobile but you will be walking out clutching a complete music system in your hand. Headphones, earpieces, memory cards – you can actually experience them, hear them, and there is space enough to shake your body too. Cool enough for the youngsters!

'Music Zone'

'Popular table' the most popular mobiles on display.

And I also happened to casually talk to one of the customers walking out of the store. She mentioned something like:
never before did I have such a rich shopping experience. When I entered the store I was confused which smartphone would have the best combination of my required accessories, apps and technology solutions. I was more interested in photography and was worried if the smartphone would have enough memory space. The sales rep here helped me choose the right smartphone, recommended the right memory storage chips and also told me to go in for an extra battery. I feel I have spent my money wisely here.
I noticed that they had a printer too; just in case any customer wanted to check the quality of the pictures they can click with mobiles. I didn’t get to experience this feature when I was at the Nokia Store I went last.

'The imaging zone' all that you need for good smartphone photography.

'New and noteworthy Zone' I could sense the pride in the rep's voice when he mentioned: this is the first of its kind in India where customers are allowed to experience gadgets that are yet to be introduced to the Indian markets. That is indeed WOW!

See that red handset there? Like you, I too was surprised to see the prehistoric (?) gadget there. It is for the convenience for those who are prone to medical problems with mobiles at their ears all the time. For those attending to too many calls while in office, this can be a boon. And I must admit here that I have not seen this being displayed so boldly at any company outlet. This is one of the numerous such hands on experience at the store.

The friendly rep. who showed me around.

I happened to see UniverCell Sync growth chart and it is mighty impressive. They have come a long way since it was founded in Nov. 1997. This is not to scare other retailers BUT it is now proven that UniverCell Sync has definitely set the bar high for other retailers in the same field. The digital look and feel of retail stores is a must i.e. if they don’t want to sell popcorn!

'UniverCell Journey'

I was at Univercell Sync store in Bangalore on an invite from Indiblogger 
to experience the new place and share my views on the same.

Aug 28, 2014

Goan Skies

Goan skies taken on flight to Goa during my recent trips.

I got quite carried away seeing the beautiful blue skies while about to land. But during monsoons of Goa, the skies change its color too fast. I distinctly remember after I landed I quickly unfolded my umbrella.

SkyWatch Friday

Aug 25, 2014

Pillaiyarpatti Karpaga Vinayagar Kovil, Chettinad

It is that time of the year again when Hindus are gearing up for Ganesh Chaturthi (Aug 29th, 2014), birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha. Every home celebrating this festival installs images of clay images of Lord Ganesh and after the celebrations are over the images are immersed in water.

If you have noticed the lovable elephant headed God is always depicted with His trunk curved towards left. The popular belief is that: the left side of our body symbolizes the feminine side of our personality and is cool and composed by nature. The right side is masculine and is considered hot fiery and aggressive. So Lord Ganesha depicted with His trunk turned to left, is believed to be in good mood and is easy to please. No strict rules need to be followed while worshiping this idol.

Lord Ganesha depicted with trunk to right is known as Siddhi Vinayaka and is worshiped in a special manner adhering to rules very strictly. Puja is performed after fulfilling all religious requirements. If the rules are violated the results can be disastrous. Such idols are rare.

There is one temple in Chettinad, Tamil Nadu which has this image of Karpaga (black) Vinayagar, carved out of a single black stone by a sculptor called Ekkattur Koon Peruparanan. The trunk of Lord Ganesh here is curled towards right side. He is ‘Valamburi Vinayagar’ and believed to be a powerful deity who makes devotees’ wishes come true. Another unusual factor is the idol faces north direction. Yet another unique feature is Vinayaga here is with two arms, else where in other temples Vinayaga idol is featured with 4 arms. The temple walls reverberate with Veda mantras recited by students throughout the day.

The reflections of the gopuram (gates) of the temple looked good. Believed to be 1600 years old, the temple’s northern tower was erected by the Pandya kings. The Nagarathar community, renovated it in 1284, and added the eastern tower and an adjoining mandapam.

The temple is almost always crowded with devotees. Photography is strictly prohibited inside. The long queue to enter it was slightly discouraging, but it moved fast. Most eye-catching was the golden trunk. I stood long enough to grasp it in my eyes and mutter a silent prayer. Outside several activities were on. I saw this family offering some kind of puja.

Location - Pillayarpatti is situated at a distance of 71Kms from Madurai and 12Kms from Karaikudi on Thirupathoor - Karaikudi state highway in Tamil Nadu.

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