Sep 14, 2014

Australian White Ibis

Ibises are of several kinds; this one is Australian white Ibis. It can be easily recognized because of its white plumage, bare black head and long black legs. The long down curved bill is common to all varieties of Ibis. They nest in groups and coexist well with other birds like spoonbills and herons.

The species has been culled in parts of Sydney due to their smell and at times obtrusive nature. We did get a smell as we rowed around the islands where the birds were nesting, but that may be due to the mix of different birds and their poops. They have a very unpleasant croaking sound too.

Ibises catch and eat small, usually aquatic, animals from fish and frogs to insects, shellfish, crabs and crayfish. The one in the first pic was taking its drink for a long time which enabled us to take good pics. The mommy birds feeding the little ones was interesting to watch. Wish I had taken a video.

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Sep 13, 2014

Faces of India - 178

Not a portrait kind of shot but a face representing lakhs of farmers of India. He was toiling hard in the field which doesn’t belong to him. I clicked several shots of him working; probably suddenly he became conscious of my presence and looked up to see what I was up to. 

Faces of India, a series through which I intend to portray the various characters of my country whom I met during my travels. See more here.

Sep 11, 2014

Little Black Cormorant

Black cormorants are plenty in Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary. There are different kinds of them and this I think is the Little Black Cormorant, of course a bird expert will know better. I caught it drying its wings and unfortunately I was facing the sun. I got just the silhouette.

The boatman then veered the boat in a favorable direction for me to capture it well.

A little more about cormorants: You will be surprised to know they can be made helpful pets. In countries like China, Japan, fishermen use them to catch fish. They tie a line around the throats of cormorants, tight enough to prevent swallowing, and deploy them from small boats. The cormorants catch fish without being able to fully swallow them. Fishermen are able to retrieve the fish simply by forcing open the cormorants' mouths, apparently engaging the regurgitation reflex. How is that?!

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Sep 8, 2014

Stone Plover

My recent trip to Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary has been a fruitful one in terms of photography of the birds there. The sanctuary has good boating facilities. We visited on a festival day and the there was hardly any crowd. It was easy to get a boat for for good 40mins. We halted for long stretches of times near the nesting birds.

For today’s post I have Stone Plover. I was capturing it with zoom lens, yet the alert bird got cautious. It is a resident bird of the sanctuary and not migratory. Nocturnal by nature, it is seen sometimes during day time too in search of food for its chicks.

Notice the beak? Almost 7cm and slightly upturned. The long legs were hidden behind the rock. Their yellow eyes are the most attractive. Didn’t hear it make any sound, it is believed to communicate with wailing whistles at night. It mostly preys around for crabs, large insects and other small animals.

Other names for the bird are: Great Stone-Curlew, Great Stone Curlew, Great Stone Curlew, Great-billed Thick-knee, Great Stone Plover, Great Stone-Plover, Great Stone Plover, Oriental Thick-knee.

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Sep 6, 2014

Faces of India - 177

A gardener in one of the resorts I stayed recently. Somebody was kind enough to spare her a shirt so that she doesn’t spoil her saree at work. She was busy trimming the grass with the tool beside her yet she seemed interested in talking to me.

Faces of India, a series through which I intend to portray the various characters of my country whom I met during my travels. See more here.

Last week I had this small guessing game, asking you to guess his job, the only clue being his shirt, his uniform. Thank you so much for participating

The answer is: he is a waiter in one of the restaurants here in Bangalore.So many of you were close. Nisha made many guesses and one of them was right. Among my facebook friends Aloka was there with right answer.