Nov 28, 2012

Beer Stein Souvenir, Strasbourg

Beer steins make wonderful take back home souvenirs. The various sizes they are available in are amazing. Made of porcelain or pewter, they are heavy. I saw these at a shop in Strasbourg. The biggest one you see there weighs at least five kilograms. One has to plan out well if it is to be taken back home miles away. The tiny ones are cute and are priced reasonably. I did bring back home one of those small beer stein. It was promptly taken away as gift by my friend saying that I can pick one more in my next trip. I don’t know when that will happen!


TexWisGirl said...

my family had one of those brought back from germany by my brother who was in the army there.

Sylvia K said...

Those are so colorful! I love them! Fun shot for the day, Indrani! Hope your week is going well!

R Niranjan Das said...

Nice one.

Cloudia said...

keeps the flies away I'v found!

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Hilary said...

Clearly you and your friend have the same taste. Or your friend preferred the taste of what's put inside of it.

Krishna said...

nice post


Jeevan said...

These looks like a wonderful decorative items. You are so kind to give away to your friend. Hope u get another one sometime :)

SueAnn Lommler said...

They are beautiful little sculptures.
Next time get two...ha ha ha

ladyfi said...

Wow - amazingly decorated, aren't they?

Bikramjit said...

Those are beautiful beer mugs , lovely I would not mind having a couple for myself ..

lovely pic..
and when you go back , Get TWO (one for me too :) :) )

Meoww said...

I got one of these from Germany! REally heavy too :)

George said...

I always been impressed with the variety and beauty of beer steins. I really like this display.